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Terry Bilton is a freelance nature and wildlife photographer whose mission is to visit the most extraordinary locations, bring them to life through his camera and develop them for the world to revel the wonder of Mother Nature at her finest. At 27 years of age Terry abandoned his trade as a diesel mechanic in search of a new adventure. He landed himself in Canada where he discovered a true appreciation for the mountains; you see, the mountains can make you and they can break you but they never leave you. The mountains never left this young Australian from the Northern Territory and it soon became more than an appreciation; it was a desire to share the worlds most breathtaking landscapes and the creatures that inhabit them. As time passed, Terry not only wanted to capture Canada through the wonder of his lenses but the world. Having more recently developed his portfolio in Africa and across Australia, Terry continues his global journey to capture those ‘one in a million’ moments that only a photograph can

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